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Swainson's toucan (Ramphastos swainsonii), Oakland Zoo (U.S.A.) - © Rolf Veenhuizen


The ICZ strives to provide resources and networking and training opportunities for zoo employees in developing regions aswell as support de development of new regional zookeeping associations.



The ICZ has assisted in the creation and translation of a variety of zookeeping recourses. For example, the “Harpij Enrichment Book” is translated from Dutch to Russian, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Vietnamese as a result of zookeeping associations around the world working together as part of ICZ. Also the book “Zookeeping: An Introduction to the Science and Technology” by Mark Irwin was reviewed prior to publication by the ICZ and has been translated to Spanish by our member association GACAS.

ICZ also helped with the distribution of different resources. For example, AICAS donated copies of the Harpij Enrichment Book in Spanish and Portuguese to attendees (who spoke those languages) of the ICZ Congress in 2018, ASZK donated the English edition of the book to keepers in the Philippines, and Stichting de Harpij sponsored the publication of the Vietnamese edition of the book.



The ICZ has (co-)organized different regional workshops for zookeepers in Georgia (2012, with Shape of Enrichment), Bulgaria (2012, with Shape of Enrichment), China (2013, with Animals Asia), Brazil (2014 and 2015), Argentina (2016), Philippines (2017) and Italy (2019, with AIGZOO).



Since 2006 the ICZ has provided sholarships to help zoo employees from developing regions to attend the ICZ congresses:

  • 2006 – Gold Coast, Australia: two sholarships from two countries (Nepal, Philippines).
  • 2009 – Seattle, United States: seven scholarships from four countries (Colombia, France, Philippines and India).
  • 2012 – Singapore, Singapore: six scholarships from six countries (India, Mexico, Taiwan, Philippines, France and Uganda).
  • 2015 – Leipzig, Germany: four scholarships from four countries (Uganda, Nigeria, Philippines and Argentina).
  • 2018 -Buenos Aires, Argentina: twelve scholarships from eight countries (Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia and Mexico).


Support the devolpment of new associations

The ICZ has provided assitance in the devolpment of the following regional zookeeping associations:

  • Animal Keepers and Trainers Association of the Philippines (AKTAP), Philippines
  • Animal Keepers Association of Africa (AKAA), Africa
  • Asociacion Grupo Argentino Cuidadores de Animales Silvestres (GACAS), Argentina
  • Associação Brasileira dos Tratadores de Animais Silvestres (ABTAS), Brazil
  • Associazione Italiana Guardiani di Zoo (AIGZOO), Italy
  • ZooCentral, Denmark

If you are planning to create a new regional association and would like the assistance of the ICZ, please contact us at