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King Vulture (Sarcoramphus papa), Safaripark Beekse Bergen (the Netherlands) - © Rolf Veenhuizen


ICZ Founding 2000In 2000, representatives from seven of the world´s zookeeper associations met to discuss the need for better communication among zookeepers worldwide. The idea to create the ICZ was formulated and the first conference of the ICZ was held in the Netherlands in 2003. A steering committee was formed to direct the progress of the ICZ and create strategic directions for the budding association. 
The ICZ will continue to develop a global network of zookeepers. Already, many keepers have developed lifelong relationships, with colleagues throughout the world, as a result of the ICZ and there is greater opportunity to share knowledge and experience with colleagues on a global scale.


Strategic directions

Our vision
The International Congress of Zookeepers is; a global network of zookeepers contributing to the highest standard of professional animal care and the role of zoos today.
Our mission
ICZ will contribute to the highest standard of professional animal care by;
  • Continuing to build a global network of animal care professionals
  • Supporting regional associations
  • Facilitating the exchange of knowledge and skills
  • Promoting professionalism via training and resource sharing
  • Supporting keepers involved in conservation projects
Please download our stratigic plan for a more detailed discribtion of our strategic directions.