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Jellyfish (sort unknown), Monterey Bay Aquarium (U.S.A.) - © Rolf Veenhuizen


Our sponsors are people or organizations who provide finacial support to help ICZ to accomplish their objectives.

If you, or the organisation you  represent, would be interested in becoming our sponsor, please contact us at

We would like to thank our current sponsors:

Sponsors ICZ Webinars 2021:

Platinum Sponsor: Natural Encounter Inc.


Sponsors ICZ Keeper Conservation Grant 2021:

Fundació Lluís Coromina

Oakvale Wildlife Park

Stichting de Harpij

Mr. Richard Roswell

Association Francophone de Soigneurs Animaliers (AFSA)

Currumbin ASZK Branch

Mr. Joe and Mrs. Joey Parsons (Aussie Dog)