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Kea (Nestor notabilis), Welligton Zoo (New Zealand) - © Wellington Zoo Trust


Call for papers

You are invited to submit an abstract to present a paper, poster or workshop related to animal husbandry under human care.
Abstracts for oral and poster presentations should be written in English and no longer than 600 words in MS Word® format.
If you would like to lead a workshop which focuses on developing animal keeper skills that include but are not limited to safety, husbandry, enrichment, welfare, ethics, training, sustainability or enclosure design, please send a short description of the workshop along with an explanation of your expertise in this area.

Note: if your paper is accepted, it must be submitted in full by 30 November 2024 to be included in the proceedings. Failure to submit the paper on time will result in your presentation being removed from the program.

Please put ‘ICZ Abstract’ in the subject line and send to:

Estimated attendance is 200 to 300 animal care professionals from at least 20 countries.

Deadline for abstracts is 31 August 2024