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Theme: Thinking Today Keeping Tomorrow

The ICZ is excited to be holding our first bilingual congress in Argentina 14 - 18 October 2018. Proudly hosted by Fundacion Temaiken we are aiming to bring together keepers under the theme `Thinking Today - Keeping Tomorrow´ to explore the future of our profession. The congress will be in English and Spanish.

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More information will follow as soon as possible

Papers & Posters

First Call for Papers

The 6th Conference of the International Congress of Zookeepers will be held in Buenos Aires in 2018 and hosted by Fundación Temaiken.
You are invited to submit an abstract to present a of papers, posters & or workshops related to animal husbandry under human care.
Abstracts for oral and poster presentations should be written in English or Spanish, and no longer than 600 words in MS Word format.
If you would like to lead a workshop which focuses on developing animal keeper skills that include but are not limited to safety, husbandry, enrichment, welfare, ethics, training, or enclosure design, please send a short description of the workshop along with an explanation of your expertise in this area.
Note: if your paper is accepted, it must be submitted in full by 15th August to be included in the proceedings. Failure to submit the paper on time will result in your presentation being removed from the program.
All Papers will be translated from English to Spanish or Spanish to English. If you are able to do this yourself, it would be very much appreciated.
Please put `ICZ Abstract´ in the subject line and send to: papers@iczoo.org
Estimated attendance is 300 to 400 animal care professionals from at least 20 countries.

Deadline for abstracts is 30 June 2018
Conference dates are October 14 - 18, 2018 International Congress of Zookeepers

Primera Llamada para Presentaciones

La 6ta Conferencia del Congreso Internacional de Cuidadores tendrá lugar en Buenos Aires en 2018 en Fundación Temaiken como anfitrión.
Los invitamos a enviar su resumen para presentaciones, pósteres y talleres con temas relacionados al manejo de animales bajo cuidado humano.
Resúmenes para presentaciones orales y de poster deberán de estar escritos en ingles o español en formato de MS Word y no sobrepasar 600 palabras.
Si quisieras dirigir un taller que se enfoque en desarrollar habilidades necesarias para el cuidado animal, favor de mandar una breve descripción del taller. Mande su información a: papers@iczoo.org con el tema de `ICZ Resumen.´ La asistencia al congreso está estimada en 300-400 profesionales y técnicos de zoológicos, acuarios y otras instituciones de cuidado animal procedentes de más de 20 países.
La fecha de límite para recepción de resúmenes es 30 de junio 2018.
Fechas del Congreso son del 14 al 18 de Octubre, 2018 International Congress of Zookeepers


Application for Paul Howse Travel Scholarship to Attend International Congress on Zookeeping 14 - 18 October 2018

The 6th International Congress on Zookeeping will be hosted by FundacionTemaiken in Buenos Aires, Argentina 14 - 18 October 2018
A limited number of scholarships are available for keepers to attend from Latin America and surrounding countries who are unable to obtain other financial support.
The scholarships will be used to assist with covering registration fees, travel expenses and accommodation - some scholarships may only support partial coverage. To apply please fill out the information below and email it to congress@iczoo.org with Scholarship application in the subject line.
Applications close 1 June 2018 - though some may be awarded sooner depending on demand and availability.
Please complete the following:
1. Name:
2. Country:
3. Zoo/institution:
4. Position held:
5. Contact details: Home address: Email address: Phone (including country code):
6. How the applicant and his/her institution will benefit from attending the conference:
7. Estimated costs of travel to Buenos Aires in US dollars:
8. Visa requirements to Argentina (if applicable):
9. Please attach a Letter of Support from your institution approving your leave and ability to attend the conference. Please include the contact details of the supervisor granting your leave.

Note: Only a limited number of scholarships are available. All applications will be assessed by our conference scholarship committee and scholarships will be awarded on their merit in relation to other applications received.

Solicitud para Beca de Viaje Paul Howse para Asistir al Congreso Internacional de Cuidadores Octubre 14 - 18 2018

Fundación Temaiken en Buenos Aires, Argentina, será el anfitrión para el 6to Congreso Internacional de Cuidadores del 14 al 18 de Octubre 2018.
Un número limitado de becas están disponibles para cuidadores que no puedan obtener otro tipo de apoyo financiero y que vienen de países de Latinoamérica y sus alrededores.
Los fondos de esta beca serán utilizados para pagar gastos de registro, viaje y estancia - algunas becas solo cubrirán una parte de los gastos.
Para aplicar, favor de llenar la información que se encuentra abajo y mandarlo al correo electrónico congress@iczoo.org con el titulo Aplicación de Beca.
Fecha límite es el 1ero de junio 2018 - aunque algunos fondos podrán ser premiados antes dependiendo del número de peticiones y del disponibilidad de fondos.
Favor de completar la siguiente información:
1. Nombre:
2. País donde vive:
3. Zoologico/ Institución donde trabaja:
4. Puesto:
5. Detalles de contacto: Dirección:
Correo electrónico:
Teléfono (incluyendo código de país):
6. Como beneficiara el candidato y su institución al asistir a este congreso:
7. Estimación de costo de viaje a Buenos Aires en dólares americanos:
8. Necesidades de visa que tendrá para viajar a Buenos Aires (si aplica):
9. Favor de adjuntar una carta de apoyo de su institución aprobando el permiso de asistir al congreso. Favor de incluir información de contacto de su director/ supervisor que le está dando el permiso.
Nota: Solamente un número limitado de becas están disponibles. Todo candidato será evaluado por nuestro Comité de Becas para el Congreso y becas serán otorgadas según su merito en relación a otras aplicaciones recibidos

Sponsors & Exhibitors

More information will follow as soon as possible

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Buenos Aires information

Buenos Aires is one of the biggest cities in the world; it is also the most important cultural city within South America as well as one of the political and economic hubs of the region. Buenos Aires features a special beauty from its combined history, customs, culture and people.
This mixture of modern and old styles and traditions is one of the city´s outstanding attractions. It features a special beauty from its combined history, customs, culture and people. This mixture of modern and old styles and traditions is one of the city´s outstanding attractions. With more than 3 million inhabitants, the city has experienced a dramatic growth in infrastructure in the recent years, thus having an enhanced range of gastronomy, entertainment, hotel and tourism services.
The excellent level of professionals and the options the city offers make it the most important business meeting point within Latin America. Buenos Aires is experienced in any sort of events and audiences: multitudinous audiences, exclusive audiences, outdoors or indoors events, private or public events such as business, professional, cultural and sports events amongst others.
Buenos Aires is a cosmopolitan and multi-faceted city. There are many features typical of the city and its inhabitants such as tango, folklore, football, meat, the mate*, the ´dulce de leche´ (sort of milk caramel); these are Argentine unchallenged symbols.
Since its beginnings, Buenos Aires has been a melting pot of races not only because of the large number of immigrants coming from various parts of the world, such as Italy, Spain and France but also because of the influence of their culture and customs. Therefore, the City features a special beauty and every neighborhood reveals its own history as well.

*infusion, containing stimulants including caffeine, prepared by steeping dried leaves of yerba mate.

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Accommodation options recommended by the ICZ

Accommodation options will be available shortly also but will be reasonably priced in the Escobar region.

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Pre- & Post-conference tours

More information will follow as soon as possible

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Registration will open on 1 February 2018.

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